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SKINBEA.COM – If you are lovers of tattoos, do you feel bored and start to wake up wanting to remove the tattoos that stick to your body? If you are Muslim, in fact know that tattoos attached to the skin of the body are prohibited. If you are currently dancing data overwrite erasing tattoos, Are you fit to read this post? Follow the explanation until the end Remove Tattoo Laser 2020.

Remove Tattoo Laser 2022
Remove Tattoo Laser 2022


Tattoos are an art of drawing on body skin media. There are two types of tattoos themselves, one permanent tattoo and the second

tattoos are not permanent. Permanent tattooing is a tattoo that is very difficult to remove, because the ink is about to enter the epidermis of the skin with the urge of tattoo spines. Conversely the tattoo is not permanent using tattoo ink that is easily removed, the process of drawing the tattoo does not use thorn equipment, but a brush. Generally only able to survive only a few months.


For removing tattoos with a laser we need more sophisticated equipment. Indeed, there are many methods in the process of removing tattoos, in the past people often use traditional methods of removing tattoos, but in modern times, removing tattoos is a lot of tattoos that use laser procedures. Laser tattoo removal equipment, there are some models that are traded on the online marketplace, including Nd Yag Laser, Picosecond Laser, and many types of tattoo removal equipment that uses lasers.


For beauty clinics in Indonesia in particular, when looking for laser tattoo removal equipment, we have a recommended supplier of beauty equipment in Indonesia that sells cheap laser tattoo removal equipment and guarantees the transaction system. One of them is PT Raditya Sume Indonesia. At Raditya Sume, sells a variety of various beauty equipment, inexpensive salon equipment, skincare equipment and body slimming equipment with a variety of models and price changes. Yummy at Raditya Sume, we can get affordable prices and 1 year warranty. Not only that, we can get a training certificate from the laser tattoo removal equipment that we bought at PT Raditya Sume Indonesia. You can search Google’s online store PT Raditya Sume Indonesia. For the price of laser tattoo removal equipment priced with a range of 20 million to 75 million. A lot of laser tattoo removal machines have been sold at PT RSI.


Make a payment for removing laser tattoo 2020 in every beauty clinic in Indonesia has different rates. The range is one hundred thousand, and even then only for one centimeter. Because laser equipment for removing tattoos that are enough to strike the pocket of a specialist beauty doctor to remove tattoos until the price of removing laser tattoos that you remove from your wallet is enough. Not only that beauty clinics share alternative prices for removing tattoos with lasers using package procedures. So each package can be tried a part of the treatment to remove laser tattoos. With this laser tattoo removal package, the fees incurred can be lighter. Because each treatment to remove a tattoo with a laser is generally not bad, just one treatment, it requires some treatment. Moreover, tattoos that have many patterns, it is very difficult to remove, it needs 3-4 treatments to remove tattoos with a laser.

From the data we read, there are some uproar tattoo removal drugs sold in the marketplace in Indonesia. But what is more trends in Indonesia is removing tattoos with lasers. Always consult your beauty doctor first, if you want to remove a permanent tattoo with a laser. Make sure the beauty clinic where you remove the tattoo we want to go to has good credibility.


“Was the laser tattoo removal process successful? Effective?”

Of course, even that is impractical, but with laser procedures, tattoos found on our bodies can gradually disappear. With lasers, our tattooed skin is about to be stricken with a burn injury, but this subject will eventually disappear. The skin wants to correct skin tissue that is attacked by a laser. The results of removing laser tattoos should appear after we carry out some of the beauty process of removing tattoos. Check out your beauty doctor’s advice, what activities are avoided and treatment after removing tattoos with a laser.


Laser tattoo removal services in Indonesia in 2020 have turned out to be productive. Almost every beauty clinic in Indonesia has laser tattoo removal treatment services. Especially where to remove laser tattoos in Jakarta, big cities such as Surabaya, Palembang, Bali, Makassar, Malang, Bandung and other big cities must already be found. All we need to do is to sort out a good tattoo removal place and have a good working reputation.


The steps to remove a tattoo have different methods, here are some permanent tattoo removal methods that you need to know

1. Method of removing tattoo with laser

This laser method actually uses a special laser machine used in removing permanent tattoos. The method is to break the tattoo ink pattern found on the skin into small particles using a laser that has a large laser intensity. The type of laser commonly used in removing tattoos is a nd yag laser that is able to eliminate patterned and dark tattoos. To get rid of pain when the process of removing tattoos, beauty doctors generally want to share anesthetics to reduce pain due to laser shots that aim at the tattooed skin that you want to be removed. After that due to laser shots, causing blisters and swollen skin. After that, it needs a process of skin recovery in the range of 30 days after that, then proceed with the treatment of removing the next tattoo.

2. Remove tattoos by transporting skin tissue

The procedure for this method is tried by experienced doctors who are certified. The method of transporting skin tissue in removing tattoos using a scalpel which plays a role to cut the tattooed skin after which the cut edge of the skin was connected again with stitches. Generally this method requires general anesthesia so that the sufferer of removing the tattoo does not feel pain when the process takes place. With this method, it is actually efficient in removing the tattoo, but it raises the rest of the injury, similar to the rest of the injury due to skin surgery. For small-scale tattoos, you can use the method of transporting skin tissue in removing tattoos, but for large tattoos, it is better to use the laser method.

3. The method of removing tattoos with dermabrasion

The method of dermabrasion in removing tattoos is the process of eating away at the tattooed skin structure that aims to fade the tattoo. This procedure is less desirable by beauty clinics, because the results obtained in removing tattoos are less efficient in removing tattoos.

Of the three methods, which one do you want to live in removing tattoos found on your body? Always consult a dermatologist if you want to get rid of tattoos. You need to know more about the properties and dangers posed after the process of removing tattoos. Hopefully this post removes laser tattoo removal. Do not less remember to continue to visit this website to get guidance and news about beauty equipment that is more trends in 2020.


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