Best lotion for eczema is searched by most of women to help them fixing their problems. Before buying the most suitable cream lotion for your face, it is better for you to know more about what eczema is.

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is a typical condition where parts of the skin become itchy, inflamed, rough, cracked and blisters.

Actually, the word eczema is derived from specific topic called atopic dermatitis as the most common kind of eczema. The atopic itself refers to a group of illnesses involving hay fever and asthma as parts of the immune system.

Eczema can appear because of some triggers. For example:

–               Certain foods, like: dairy and nuts

–               Environmental factor, such as: pollen and smoke.

Eczema can be treated or manageable but it is not curable situation. It is also not an infectious condition. Some treatments can be done for curing the damaged face skin and lessening the symptoms.

For the treatment, you have to select the best of its best lotion for eczema. There treatments are based on each own individual symptoms, current state of health condition and their age.

Home treatments

If you want to have precaution and more personal way to cure the eczema, you can do those things at home. There are many various things such as:

–               Taking in a warm shower bath

–               If you use moisturizer, use it 3 minutes within taking a bath to ‘lock’ the moisture

–               To prevent cracked and more inflamed bad situation, you have to put the moisturizer every day

–               Wear soft, thin and cotton fabrics to avoid having over sweating.

–               By wearing those cotton and soft fabrics, you will be able to avoid scratchy or itchy fiber fabric or tight – fabric clothes.

–               Use mild soap or non – soap cleanser when bathing or washing (you can try cetaphil product)

–               Let your face dry by the air or gently patting using a towel (do not forcing it to dry by rubbing your face)

–               If it is possible, avoid to have rapid temperature changes indoor or outdoor that will make you sweat more than the usual

–               Where possible, use a cold air conditioner or humidifier

–               Always cut your nails to prevent scratching and breaking your face skin

Further medications

And for the righteous medication, you should go to the dermatologist and consult with the expert. But if you think you can trust a trusted medical brand website, and then go ahead. The best solution for inflamed, cracked, itchy and dry skin eczema so far is Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.


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