Kelly Ripa Workout Physique 57
Kelly Ripa Workout Physique 57

6 Products Nd Yag Laser Machine Best Sales Price – This time we will discuss the product Nd Yag Laser Machine that many are sold in the global market, especially on the world marketplace, such as Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and so forth. Nd Yag Laser Machine is actually specifically used by experts who already know how to use and countermeasures if there are some things that occur when doing treatment. Nd Yag tool is specifically function to remove the tattoo.

Here are some types of Nd Yag Laser Machine you need to know:

1. Nd Yag Laser Machine Q-Switched – AL1

This Nd Yag machine has a dual wavelength (1064 nm and 532nm). It has dimensions of 38x32x48 cm with 500 watts of power. This machine has a speed in tattoo removal up to 10 Hz with laser shot more than 1 million shots. The price of this machine ranges from $ 500 in the market.

2. Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine FG2014

This tool is sold in the market at a price of about $ 12,000. Originally made in China, has wavelengths of 1064 and 532 nm. Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Model FG2014 has a fairly sophisticated technological advantages. Able to reduce side effects for patients to minimize large pores and the appearance of peeling skin. and this machine is more shock-resistant than other products.

3. Portable Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal machine Model ND-10

Tattoo Laser Machine is smaller than the two products above. It’s portable so it can be used without using a cable. This Laser NZ tattoo Removal machine is priced in the $ 980 range. This tool works for tattoo removal, pockmark removal, pigmentation removal, birthmark removal, skin rejuvenation. An excess tool is easy to use and does not cause side effects. Types of ND Laser Q-Switch Laser lasers. Has Wavelengths 1064, 532, 1320 nm. Dimensions 47x36x32 cm.

4. High Energy 2000MJ Yag Laser Machine

This machine is portable and has CE, ISO certificate. Made in China. Has 1064/532 / 1320nm Wavelength. With 4.3 touchscreen display and 42x60x48cm size. Nd Yag Laser Machine 2000MJ is quite popular in the market. Price to buy this tool berkhisar between $ 700. Has 500 wat power. It has Emergency stop switch, interface, key switch, and laser.

5. Nd Yag Artificial Laser Honkay Model E3

This machine has 3 in 1 function. That is Light, Rf, and Yag Laser. This Honkay machine works for hair removal and tattoo removal. The power used on this machine is quite large 1500 wat with Wavelength 1064/532 nm. Has a shot of 60,000 to 1,000,000 shots. Screen size is pretty big that is 8 inc and of course the touchscreen. For price issues, this product is sold for $ 2,000

6. IPL Nd Yag Laser machine Model TM-E130
For design problems pretty good, and the price was the affordable range of $ 1000 – $ 2,000. Has 3 wavelengths 532/1064 / 1320nm and the power is pretty big, 2000 wat. It has 3 functions, namely E-Light – RF and Nd Yag Laser. For the certificate, the problem is already CE status. It has 8.4inc size display.

So some products of Nd Yag Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal. Most of these products are made in China with different designs, but the function is the same. Each factory has a varied model and its own advantages about the product Nd Yag Laser made. Hopefully, article 6 Product Nd Yag Laser Machine Best Sales Price can be your reference material in selecting a good Tattoo Removal Machine and quality. Wait for the next more specific article update about Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine product. Hopefully useful, do not forget comments and share with your friends this blog. Thanks.


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