Shark Tank Face Cream has been crazily famous nowadays. It is started based on two Korean girls who sells their beauty product and send it to the famous Shark Tank American Television Show. The sisters presented very well and all five ‘shark’ panel agreed to invest on their product. It means that their product will be sold world widely.

The products

For letting you know more about this product, here are the publicly announced and launched under the big name, Shark Tank:

1.             Shark Tank Korean Beauty Set ( consists of 3 piece)

–               It is sold around $90.

–               It has 4.5 of 5 stars.

–               It is for soothing your inside peak predator

–               It is also bring a small amount of glow

–               It is a set of a pressed serum, toner and facial mask piece)

2.             Korean Beauty Set (consists of 2 pieces – like on the Shark Tank show)

–               It has the Tundra Chaga pressed serum

–               The toner

–               But no facial mask

–               Its price is around $77

The best ingredients

The Shark Tank Face Cream consists of best substances such as the QuSome and Proprietary Bisophere.

Each of them has amazing task:

–               QuSome

This will push your new skin cells to the top layer of the skin, named epidermis. And it means that this natural process is fastened up to allow your skin appearing up to 15 – 20 years younger look result. And the best part of it, this QuSome will make you having radiant transparent glowing look.

The QuSome is known as a substance that impasse to moisture. So, when you wipe the cream in, it will naturally puff to those prone and wrinkle areas. It also fixes the other problem areas such on the forehead and under eye circle.

The QuSome is also fast in regenerating the skin from the stress or dryness. It is so moist so you can have smoother face in the next following day after you use it.

–               Proprietary Bisophere

Wrinkle skin has to be associated to older women, it is already said that the product in the cream has tighten cream to repair the damaged face skin tissue. If the tissue cells have been fixed, then the task of the other parts skin is to make sure to release fresh collagen to make your skin more tighten.

Those processes are often called as the Flawless Complexion process which is so effective and efficient rather than you do the Botox or surgery. And more thrilling is that this product is the only one in the market that has a high PB concentration with its right consistency.

Shark Tank Face Cream is definitely not a scam face cream. It is totally made by the two Korean sisters who got rebranded their product after making the panels get excited about it. And if you want to buy the skin care shark tank, you have to prepare to buy for quite good price for 2 or 3 pieces in a set. It is quite expensive if you compare to other local or well – know brand so far. But, for better investment, it is the solution without any pain surgery for you.



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