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Great Q Switch ND YAG Laser Tattoo Evacuation Machine

Treatment Standard

The vitality of Q-Exchanged ND: YAG Laser can be consumed by the blue and dark melanin. The melanin will be divided so little that they can be used by the lymphatic system or be egested out of the body. In this manner, the tattoo or different pigmentations will be expelled without damage to ordinary tissue. The treatment is sheltered and advantageous without downtime or reactions.

Item includes

1064nm, 532nm and 1320nm 3 wavelength accessible

1320nm tip is utilized for Dark Doll Treatment

A 1064nm tip is utilized for a tattoo of dull shading, similar to the dark, blue and so forth.

532nm tip is utilized for beautiful shading, similar to red, green and so forth.

The framework has various national dialect choices, you can likewise contact client benefit customization

Critical impact

The single impact is self-evident, evacuate shade, skin breaks out India, brightening revival, tattoos expulsion.

Sheltered and sound

By a couple of activities can be great to enhance, does not influence the work, day by day life


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