If you are not familiar with the cocoa butter, you might think that you are talking about making the chocolate dessert here, however you can think again! Although chocolate is often related to chocolate that we usually eat, however cocoa butter is one of natural products, when you apply it typically, you cah get great benefits for your skin. Plus, just similar other skin loving sources from the health fatty acid, such as coconut oil or shea butter- cocoa butter is also great for healing dry naturally and sensitive skin as well. The real cocoa butter is absolutely edible, plus can be used in lip gloss, skin lotion and other skincare products as well. One of best cocoa skincare products is Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. However, before you going to know further about this product, this is better to know what is cocoa butter? How it works on your skin?

What is cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is actually come from the cacao bean that been found inside the cacao pod which grows in the cacao tree. The cacao pod is large and has gourd shaped fruit as well. Inside the pod contains of 30 to 40 cacao seeds. The seeds were dried, roasted and pressed to get vegetable fat which been extracted from the beans. Even, you are also able to do this in your house. This fat is the cocoa butter that you know.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter

–       Powerhouse of antioxidant: cocoa butter contains of high antioxidant which help you to combat off free radical damage on your skin. Free radicals can cause dark spots, skin aging and dull skin as well. Protect your skin from any damage of free radical is a must of you want to have youthful looking.

–       Reduce a scar and stretch mark: there are many women said that regular use of cocoa butter can reduce the stretch mark during and after pregnancy. There are many cocoa butter products that you can choose, however Palmers Skin Therapy Oil is also helps you to reduce the stretch mark as well. Even cocoa butter can help you to heal scars as well.

–       Deep moisturizer: cacao butter contains of high fatty acid and hydrates your skin deeper, making it as great option for moisturizer and lip balms as well.

What is Palmers Skin Therapy Oil?

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil is the multi-purpose for skin perfection which can be used all over your body, including of your face as well. The light and preservative free formula contains of exclusive combination of main ingredients formulated to help you improving the appearance of scars, dry, stretch mark, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and damaged skin. Your skin will feel so smooth and soft instantly with non-greasy formula. So, this is totally save to be applied in all of your body because preservative-free, non-staining and non-greasy formula. As mentioned before that there are several benefits of cocoa butter for your skin. You can apply it directly into your affected area as well. It also contains fast drying formula to penetrate deeply in your skin.


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