Picosecond Laser to Remove Tattoos and Eyeliner
Picosecond Laser to Remove Tattoos and Eyeliner

Picosecond Laser Pen Red vs Blue Neatcell
Hello Say, I’m still busy with offline activities, this time I will try to update the article about Picosecond Laser Pen Red vs Blue Neatcell. This picosecond laser pen product is a portable beauty machine product shaped like a pen with a small size so that it is easy to carry everywhere and easy to use. This Picosecond pen product uses a non-surgical method to treat using this tool, especially in skin problems. This laser pen tool does not harm skin tissue, so it is very safe to use at home.

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Picosecond Laser Pen Neatcell function
In my YouTube channel BEAUTY CHANNEL IND, many commented on this picosecond pen product, they said this product is difficult to remove tattoos. Actually, in my opinion, this picosecond pen product can be used to remove tattoos, but more accurately is to remove eyebrow tattoos. For tattoos in the body that are difficult to remove, you should use a tattoo removal tool that is even better, for example laser tattoo removal. Because each tattoo removal tool has a different energy shoot. Return to this picosecond pen product. The picosecond laser pen neatcell function is supposed to eliminate moles, remove pimples, be able to shrink skin pores, destroy skin melanin (this depends on the level of difficulty) and is able to remove eyebrow tattoos.

Picosecond Laser Pen Red vs. Blue
This product produces two laser lights, namely red and blue. For laser red used to remove eyebrow tattoos and remove moles, red laser color energy is finer than blue lasers. Whereas for blue lasers it is usually used to remove tattoos, remove black pigments and black spots on the skin, remove pimples, eliminate wrinkles. So which one is superior to the two laser colors? Actually everything has its own advantages. Only for the blue color is the higher level of energy produced. Every treatment that will be done we have to know which laser is more appropriate for us to use. So look for lots of references about this product, and consult your beauty doctor.

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Benefits of using Picosecond Laser Pen
The benefits are certainly easy to use and carry everywhere, because the shape is small and slim. This tool already uses Honeycomb Focused technology that can function in the protection of the skin when the treatment takes place using this picosecond laser pen machine. This tool does not cause excessive side effects and will not damage skin tissue, so it is safe to use.

How to use picosecond laser pen neatcell
For the operation of this picosecond laser pen tool it is not difficult, when you buy this product there will be a manual

Picosecond laser pen neatcell specifications
This tool uses ABS material which is certainly strong in wrapping electronic components on this machine. Has an input power of 110 volts – 240 volts, while the output is 12 volts. for the laser emission times of two million rounds. Not bad right?

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Thus I can discuss about picosecond laser pen red vs blue neatcell. Hopefully useful and help you in understanding. Give a positive comment, if anyone wants to add more detailed information please comment in the comments column below. Thank you for reading this blog.
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