Blackheads Vacuum Equipment Is Now Much Wanted

SKINBEA.COM – To sterilize blackheads we can just go to the salon and pay dearly so that blackheads are lifted entirely from the face. But, it would be troublesome if we must often go to the salon. It can be imagined how much payment we need each time to go to the salon to sterilize blackheads.

Therefore, there are currently blackheads vacuum equipment. This equipment is widely targeted because it is claimed to be able to transport perfectly blackheads out of the pores. Working by sucking blackheads in the composition of the skin and opening the pores of the face, this equipment would make it easier for you to sterilize blackheads yourself at home.

Guidelines for Preparing Skin When Before Wearing Blackheads Vacuum:

Rinse the Face

So that blackheads do not often arise on the face there must be a method that you can live. One of them is actively sterilizing the face. Wash your face twice a day regularly so that dirt and oil do not stick and close the pores on your face.

When before wearing blackheads vacuuming equipment, you have to sterilize your face. If you still have makeup left, rinse first using the makeup cleanser that you normally use. Afterwards wash your face to justify that your face is really clean.


Washing your face regularly is not enough to make your skin free of blackheads. In order to get healthy glowing skin and free skin problems, there is a business that you need to go through. You can go through peeling first before sucking blackheads. The purpose of this treatment is to transport dead skin cells that have accumulated. By carrying out peeling, until your skin results become cleaner.

Evaporation Process for Opening Pores

Not only do peeling on the face, you can also carry out the evaporation process on your facial skin. This process aims to open the pores = wider skin pores. When the pores of the face have been opened, until blackheads and zits will be easier to clean and remove.

You can carry out evaporation on the facial skin with a simple method is to boil water until it boils. Next pour the boiling water on the basin then direct the face to the basin until water vapor hits the face. Allow some time when facial pores open. Stay away from very hot water because your face can be burned.

Adjust Equipment Strength and Use Exploring Instructions

When before wearing blackheads vacuuming equipment, first consider the state of your skin. Make sure you explore the product consumption guidelines. Use this blackheads vacuum apparatus carefully so that the skin is free from injury and aspiration to obtain optimal results.

When you have vaporized your face, your pores must have opened. All you have to do is control the power of the vacuum cleaner. Adjust the speed by just wearing the speed again. If you wear a big speed, there may be your skin will continue to be interested and can imprint.


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