When topic regarding Shark Tank Eye Cream is brought up, one of the most common question would be surrounding its effectiveness. Is the miracle anti-aging eye cream plastered all over the place on Shark Tank as good as it actually claims? Knowing how advertisements of cosmetic products operate, hesitating on its reliability is not only understandable – but also rather expected. Here, in this article, I will not only going to talk about the product, but also its reliability on their bold claims.

Miracle products or a mere hype?

Let’s be honest here, those Shark Tank hosts are incredibly entertaining to watch. They are a group of people who are popular for their honest delivery and at times, their seemingly brutal advice. Other than their unique hosting style, they are also infamous for making such pragmatic offers. So it was nothing short of surprising the moment the two hosts, Yoojin Kim and Angela, came into the show bringing a miraculous skin product. This pitch shortly turned into a circus – in a good way if we may add.
The seemingly miraculous product come from South Korea. Due to its miraculousness the hosts went all out and gave an offer of 2.5-million dollars for at least 25-percent of the company. Entering the business deal, the sharks along with the company are then launching the skin care under the flagship of Amore Skin. The brand has launched two  miracle products they claim can get rid of crows feet and wrinkles. But is all the hype surrounding the products really live up to expectations?

Is it really working?

Perhaps nothing can answer this better than the testimonial video used for commercial purposes. In the beginning you can see the model’s eye bags. After using the Shark Tank Eye Cream, the eye bags gradually shrink over. A surprising sight to see indeed. However, the fact that the video comes from the company makes you wonder whether or not they use camera tricks.

In pursuit of the truth, US Weekly magazine decided to give it a go in real life. One of their employees, Julia Belaya, would be given the cream to use for two weeks. The mother of three would then document the changes along the way. In the first image, it’s clear the 53-year old woman has crows feet, eye bags and saggy skin in general. No surprises there, those are indeed three most common problems in women.

As stated, Belaya documented the whole thing by taking close up pictures of her in order to catch the changes. With wrinkles and natural fine lines that developed with age, it’s difficult to even imagine improvement in only two weeks. But that is exactly what happened, and boy does it shock us off me of my seat? Belaya’s saggy skin has dramatically improved, and not only tightened, the natural fine lines also gradually disappear!

Belaya is, obviously, incredibly thrilled with the changes. She did mention that she saw results right away after first use. However, due to the dramatic nature of these changes, she didn’t think it would actually last. But after two weeks and continuous improvement, she has changed her mind. She also mentioned that there was no irritation or burning sensation when using, Shark Tank Eye Cream! What’s not to love?


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