Co2 Fractional Laser

What is a co2 fractional laser?

We need to discuss more about this laser beauty machine in more detail so that we can understand the benefits and functions of this laser tool. Co2 fractional laser is one type of laser that has benefits in terms of the healing process after fractional treatment in a relatively shorter time than laser beauty treatments using ablative lasers. This laser beauty tool has a very good function for treating skin problems, both aging and deep wrinkles and scars on the skin area. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses a laser that removes the damaged outer skin layer with the help of carbon dioxide.

Fractional co2 laser equipment specifications

This laser beauty machine has a wavelength of 10,600nm with an output power of 40 watts. The laser apparatus is simulated by direct current with a spot size of between 0.02 and 0.05mm2. For red semiconductor the laser is 635nm which is less than 5mw. The operating model works continuously with a continuous output as well as three pulses, namely a single pulse, an interval pulse and a super pulse. In addition, this co2 fractional laser has a power of 220 volts / 110 volts with an air circulation cooling system. Its elegant and standing shape makes the laser machine look modern and luxurious. The dimensions of this co2l machine are between 58 x 70 x 108 cm with a weight of 60 kilograms with an energy of 1 to 40W.
Applications and Benefits

This co2 laser machine produces thermal radiation that can make mucosal tissue and collagen fibers contract so that it can improve vaginal tightening (Vaginal Tightening) quickly and in a long time.
Increase secretion and make the vagina not dry or keep moist.
balance the PH mrs V and improve the internal environment
Overcoming wrinkles and facial lines or rhytides
overcome skin pigmentation problems and treat acne problems.

How much does a co2 fractional laser cost

To get this co2 laser tool, you need to spend quite a bit, but don’t worry, because with the money you spend on buying laser beauty tools, especially co2, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed, why? because with its good function in doing beauty treatments and of course it is also profitable for beauty clinic businesses. The price of this laser beauty machine is priced at around 110 million rupiah. Then where can I get this laser beauty machine easily and cheaply and with a guarantee. Especially those of you who live in Indonesia can get this machine at PT Raditya Sume Indonesia, a supplier of beauty and skincare tools. Just visit the facial tool dot com website or radityasume dot com and just chat to the admin to ask for more details about this machine. GUARANTEED There are definitely discounts and other BONUS discounts.

Fractional laser treatment

What is fractional laser treatment? This type of treatment is a non-invasive type of treatment with the help of a fractional co2 laser device that produces a laser beam which is then divided into thousands of microscopic ones that lead to the skin in a narrow / short size of time. Laser treatment in the beauty world has become very popular with women and there are many treatment menus at beauty clinics that offer fractional laser treatments. This laser treatment works on the epidermis layer as well as the middle layer of the skin (dermal skin). If you are going to do fractional laser treatment, do it in a beauty clinic with professional beauticians and make sure you have a training certificate for this fractional laser co2 machine (you buy this laser tool, you will get this laser machine training certificate). This co2 fractional laser treatment is also beneficial in treating stretch marks and poikiloderma. All skin types can be treated using this laser machine, each laser beauty treatment is different in its handling depending on the age and skin type, so it is important to consult an expert first before doing laser treatment.

How fractional laser treatment works

To find out how it works in doing a fractional laser treatment, it is necessary to know about the three types of skin structures first. The structure of the skin is divided into three layers of the skin, namely the top layer which is commonly called the epidermis, the middle layer or dermis and the lower layer of fat or what is called the sub-writing. This layer of the epidermis is what produces skin pigments that change skin color. The middle layer of skin which is composed of several collagen and elastin fibers can strengthen and increase skin elasticity. The fractional treatment targets the epidermis and dermis, so the laser device sends its divided laser light into the skin (which is known as the microthermal treatment zone). From this zone, the process of removing old epidermal cells will be carried out without disturbing other skin tissues that cause reactions that can form new collagen and can accelerate the wound healing process. So this fractional laser co2 treatment process is faster than other laser beauty treatments.
Fractional co2 laser treatment procedure

Before doing this treatment, you should follow the procedures from an expert doctor correctly. After the consultation phase from your beauty doctor, it can be concluded about the problem areas and treatment patterns that will be fixed. Usually the doctor will give a whitening cream if the problem is dark skin pigmentation. Also pay attention to the possibility of valacyclovir prophylaxis so that no simplex infection occurs. Make sure the patient removes all objects or jewelry attached to interfere in the treatment process. The patient performs a process of washing the face and after that the doctor applies anesthetic (usually in the form of a cream) to the area to be treated. Usually it takes about half an hour for the anesthesia to work properly and then the laser treatment process is carried out. But first clean the anesthesia with a cotton ball until clean. Then smeared with carbon cream for laser delivery.

Post fractional co2 laser treatment

What should you do after doing this laser treatment? yes follow your beauty doctor instructions. Usually you will experience a burning sensation on the skin that has been treated for about an hour and your skin will experience a little swelling, but don’t worry, this will heal by itself in about two to three days, right ?.

Your skin will be reddish in color and after a few days the skin will likely experience exfoliation of dead skin cells (if so, it can be tricked with the help of a moisturizing cream). During the skin healing process, try to protect the skin area that has been treated with sunscreen SPF 50+ to protect your skin from sunburn when you go outside. Anyway, keep your skin from exposure to sunlight, you can also wear a hat, umbrella.

Usually it takes several treatments so that the results can look perfect. Thus information about co2 fractional lasers, hopefully useful, this article is quoted from various sources, if there are some things you don’t understand or need to complete, please provide comments in the comments column and more certainly ask your trusted beautician. Keep doing self care and always look beautiful.


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