When your face affected by acne, you need to know about vitamins that help with acne. By consuming some types of vitamin, you can get rid of acne on your face. So, what are vitamins for getting rid of acne? Here are 5 vitamins you need to consume for getting rid of acne:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed by our body. It helps keep and maintain mucus membranes. It also helps release toxin from body. No wonder if we need vitamin A because this vitamin is really useful for our body. Actually, the vitamin is useful for getting rid of acne. Why? It is because vitamin A can decrease the production of oil, so it can reduce the infection caused by acne. As we know that acne is usually caused by excessive oil on skin face. When consuming vitamin A routinely, your skin face will not too oily. Finally, you can get rid of acne as soon as possible. For consuming vitamin A, you can consume some foods that contain vitamin A, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, fish, and egg.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is also useful to against acne on your face. This vitamin is not only good for skin, but also for hair and nails. By consuming vitamin B2, you will have healthier skin, hair, and nails. If you want to consume this vitamin, you can consume supplement that contains this vitamin. But, you need to consider about amount of vitamin B2 you need to consume. You can consume 150-200mg of vitamin B2 per day. If you can’t buy supplement, you can consume some foods that contain vitamin B2, such as milk, mushroom, soya bean, nuts, and spinach.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a good vitamin to prevent acne. If you don’t want to experience acne, you can consume 1.9 mg of vitamin B every day. Vitamin B6 works on your body by improving your immunity system. When it happens, your body will be easy to against bacteria on your skin. So, it will prevent acne on your face. To consume this vitamin, you can consume supplement that contains vitamin B6. But if you can’t find that supplement, you can consume foods that contain B6. Some foods or ingredients that contain vitamin B6 are garlic, rice, and wheat.

Vitamin C

Actually, vitamin C is useful vitamin for improving your health. There are so many benefits you will get if you consume vitamin C routinely. Vitamin C can prevent cell damage, infection, and improve immunity system. No wonder if this vitamin can handle acne. It also contains antioxidant and produces collagen. You can consume supplement that contains vitamin C or consume some foods such as broccoli, lemon, orange, tomato, and many more.

Vitamin E

Other vitamin that is very good to against acne is vitamin E. It can against free radical on your body. It can also regenerate skin from within. By consuming it routinely, you will have healthier more flawles skin. Consume supplement that contains vitamin E to get many benefits of vitamin E. You can also consume green beans, sunflower seeds and olive oil to get benefits of vitamin E. Well, those are some information for you about vitamins that help with acne, hopefully the information will be helpful for you.


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