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The today’s headline news goes to Joanna Gaines Skin Care Line. For those who are HGTV lovers, you must know her. But for those who don’t, let’s check her out here. Joanna Gaines is one of the most popular reality show star in HGTV. In the show, Fixer Upper, she goes along with Chip, her husband. They created such a good teamwork doing the project together.

A closer to Joanna

Pretty much information is about her personal successful stories. In 2003, she began opening a Magnolia Market. Then gradually her lucks come and in 2013, she finally released a pilot episode of the Fixer Upper. She does not stop there. She always thinks many ways to be as productive as she can. She got the chance to publish The Magnolia Story in 2016. After 4 year of success story hosting the Fixer Upper program, she made big hit news by deciding to end the Fixer Upper.

Viewers were shocked for a moment to hear the news and stunned by her big decision. People were wondering what her big plans coming after that news. And finally, in 2018, she appears with greater headline that she has published a book called Magnolia Table Cookbook.

Joanna’s Empire Business

She comes from nowhere but her best is walking forward diligently to build little by little of her success. Fixer Upper is just another great project of her and her husband. And, public comes startled by the news telling that Joanna makes her comeback through a Joanna Gaines Skin Care Line.

Is It True?

The huge responses come from all over the world in order to seek for the right news about it. They have not heard the announcement directly from Mrs. Gaines. And finally, on Friday, she opened up and cleared up the news by uploading a picture on her Instagram account. The picture shows a cross or banned sign over cosmetics icons added by written text says: Joanna Gaines Does Not Have A Skincare Line.

And she added by the caption there that the rumors behind her leaving the Fixer Upper Show does not relate to any makeup or skincare line. She convinces the people by saying that is just a scam. And she asked followers to help her to repost its picture so that the rumors will stop very soon.

She consciously aware that there is a cosmetic line exists illegally for using her name. And she added the persuasive hashtags named #dontbuycream. And there is a shocking yet surprisingly news that she added a hashtag called #seasonfiveiscoming that gains more curiosity amongst her fans.

There is no official news about Joanna and Chip Gaines will be in the Fixer Upper Show again or not. But it is obvious that she and her husband has big project coming. However, still, do not get affected by her name in the illegal cream or skin care line. You can participate to help her by doing what she says in her Instagram. Joanna Gaines Skin Care Line is 100% a scam.


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